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Monday, September 05, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

I pray the Lord helps all who were in this disaster and I pray God helps our country recover from this tragedy. Being in the Buffalo Creek flood disaster in 1972 I can understand how the victims feel and understand their helplessness and sorrow.

What I can't understand is why didn't more people get out. They had days warning that a category 5 hurricane was coming and that their city was in the direct path. I understand why the sick, elderly and infirmed maybe didn't get out but not how people with small children didn't make more of an effort to at least get further north inland.

I don't understand the rantings and ravings of the New Orleans mayor. That man is just trying to cover his butt. He was and is totally inept in his job and he knows he has let his city down. Why didn't he send city busses into the poor parishes and give people an opportunity to get out of the city. That is the very least he could have done. I know he asked the New Orleans citizens to leave but he could have provided a way out for the poor folk of the area.

The Louisana governor's performance in this disaster is no better than the mayors and she should resign because she apparently isn't able to be a leader. It is appalling. The leaders of New Orleans and of the state have known for decades the results of a killer hurricane like Katrina. Why weren't better plans made for evacuations, water and food helps, shelters, medical helps and so forth?

Also I do not think the federal government was ready for this either. What if terrorists had detonated bombs in 5 or 6 major cities? Why this country would screech to a complete stop! Katrina has brought the Southland to almost a standstill. You would think after 9/11 our country would be more prepared. I realize President Bush is trying to do all he can, but it just doesn't seem enough. And thats just a shame.

I hope the government thinks 2 or 3 times about rebuilding a city that is 12 feet below sea level. It seems to me totally crazy to even try. I realize its a big port and a major distribution of gas and food pass through there, but lets start rebuilding above the sea level and stop trying to hold Mother Nature behinds dikes and levees. Mother Nature will always win that battle.

Lastly people have to stop blaming the government for all their troubles and start taking responsiblity for their own actions and life. If you were told to get out and you could have gotten out and didn't then don't blame the president because you got stranded in a city. It's not the governments fault that some of the people that did survive looted and stole and killed and raped and rescue workers were afraid to come into the city to help. A handfull of ugly terrible people have hurt so many innocent victims. God says vengence is His and justice will come to those who have hurt so many.

I have cried and cried this week for the victims of this hurricane. I've stayed glued to the tv and cried with all the elderly, the moms and dads and babies who had no food and water and no place to go for help. God have mercy on them. We've sent our check to the Red Cross and we hope you have sent yours. It will take years to clean up this mess and many people will have to leave that area and start anew somewhere else. I pray they are able to do that.

I don't know why this has happened to my country. Many have suggested that because New Orleans was a city of debauchery and sin that God's judgement fell on it. Also because all along the gulf coast Casinos lined the area and God's judgement fell on that area also. I don't know. All I know is tens of thousands have been hurt and displaced and we have to help them. I KNOW God would want that. We have to help our fellow Americans who are hurt and sick and dying. God help us.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Getting Started

Well, I've tried to think of ways to make the Christian Heart website more interactive and so I think that maybe having a blog for all my guests just might work. I know and understand I may be opening this website up for a lot of criticism and bashing but we will leave the blog online for a bit and see how it goes.

Christian Heart's main priority has always been telling the world about Jesus Christ and salvation through Him. That will always be our main theme, but this blog can and will be about alot of other things related to christianity and it's effects on you personally and the world at large. I hope it's interesting to read. So don't be shy, It's Your Pulpit!

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