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Mon Oct 25, 2021

Every happening, great and small, is a parable whereby God speaks to us, and the art of life is to get the message. - Malcolm Muggeridge

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Teen's Testimony

From Jess White:
Testimony: Since I was born I was always taken to church with my parents, when I was 12 my mum got ordained(became a vicar) and I went to her church for a bit, but at the time I thought that God was only for old people, anyway when I was 12 I went on a christian camp and while I was there someone was talking about having a personal relationship with God and how just going to church and say the our father didnt get us into heaven and something came over me and I gave my life to God then.I went home and for the first few weeks was really pumped on God, however the next two years were the hardest of my life, my parents had just split up, my brother had behaviour problems and it took a long time to get him diagnosed we now know he has asperge syndrome, someone really close to me who id always been told was supposed to be a role model to me had a battle with alcohol and my relationship with my father began to completley break down. I got told that I worthless and the reason for all of my home problems and that I shouldnt have been born, I started to believe it and think that God had put me on earth by accident that he had died for everyone but me and there was no plan for me, i started to hate myself and wish my life away. and although I did believe in God and knew he was there I started to underestimate him and think he had some hate plan against me. I went to another camp at new year and it completeley changed my outlook because someone asked a general question as they were preaching, How can you restore your realtionship with God? and it suddenly hit me that, I needed to fully let God soften my heartas I'd stopped walking where God led me for fear of being hurt again, for fear it wouldnt work out and I just suddenly understand if God said do it he would protect me "true he wounds but he dresses the wound, the same hand that hurts you heals you"(Job) and the other thing was to start believing God over my life, I believed he could do miracles for everyone but me, that he would bring happiness to every but me and he had died and had plans for everyone else. Then the pain and hurt I fel was wiped away and I was suddenly able to overcome and end things I'd been struggling with. Also I there was this voice from God in my head saying, all my problems didnt need to be fixed I could be happy and love my life anway because God wants me to, since then things have still been hard, After I knew one of the things I needed to do was try again witht the person who was an alcoholic and for a month they stopped drinking but then they suddenly started again and started ripping me apart and breaking me apart again and God said to me dont hate them distance yourself from it before it got to far again. But hes also poured out so much blessing because Ive been able to accept that I am someone and I shouldnt feel wrong because I live for my god, because I'm happy or because I know he has a future in store for me. Id been struggling with fidning a church I was comftorbale in and wanted to be in, a few months after I found a church. God healed all the pain I had that no one else could and just showed me that things werent all for nothing and even when everything seems dark that he is there and i can go to him wherever, I started to doubt if he could change certain things and if I should keep hoping for thing and I read in matthew a few weeks after "Everything ranging from small to large gets included as part of your prayer as you lay hold of God with a believing heart" and it said to me keep praying for it keep looking for a way everything is possible. Im thanking God because hes put up with me doubting and challenging and questioning him for 2 1/2 years and still was ready to transform me and my life as soon as I let him in fully and that he wiped away anger and hurt that no one else had been able to and that not once did he give up on me.

(Thank you so much Jess, Even though sometimes we may not feel God is with us, He always is. He loves us. Thank you so much for your testimony. We know it will help others. Hugs- James and Melissa)

From Dustin Rhodes:
Testimony: My family use to go to church when I was little. We stopped going when I was about six. We would go but I never went for God's word. I only went because my parents made me and they had good food. I was a bad kid, swearing and quick tempered, from age six to twelve. But, of course, not in front of adults. One of my friends would tell me to stop or I will go to hell. I never listened to him. Then, the summer when I was twelve, my aunt, who was and still is the youth minister at the church I now attend, invited me to a summer vacation bible school. I did not want to go and waste my summer at church but I went because I had nothing else to do that summer. It turned out to be a blast and that summer I accepted Christ. I am now sixteen and attend a baptist church. My aunt that lead me to the Lord is my youth minister. I have now been looking to form a Christian Rock Band. It is to my aunt, and of course Jesus that I owe my life too.

(Thank you Dustin, May you be a light for Christ for every teen you know- James and Melissa)

From Becca:
Testimony: Well, umm I had always been brought up in a Christian background. My two older brothers were Christians. Ever since I was little I always attended church and all other organization to do with church. I asked God into my heart at a young age but struggled with the commitment of being a Christian.

Just over a year and a bit ago I was quite depressed and drifted so far away from God, Im now disgusted at how bad i have treated him in my past. I was being bullied just for being myself and instead of coming to God as should of I dropped out of many organizations I had been involved in. I often felt like God wasn't there in that point of my life, but he must have if I was able to get through it.

Only since September 03 I sort of realised and come close to God but I was still sort of holding him at arms length. I rejoined all the clubs and things I had been in and learned so much. In November 2003 I went with my youth group called impact to a weekend teen Christian event c alled autumn soul. I knew what I had been missing and came close to God, it was good knowing he was there. But I still hadn't fully achieved a good relationship causes in my head my past still lurked, I wasn't fully able to commit I suppose at that point. I went through school this year few knowing I was a Christian, I was meek even when I know I should of been singing his praises to my friends in school, trying to get them to realize Gods love for them.

Really only these past few days starting on the 26th August 2004, today in fact I really hugged him tightly close to me. We had a youth group from Dublin staying up with us and I saw how committed they were and how obvious it was that God was in their life. I confided in a new friend Jan about my past and my relationship with God and all of a sudden an inner calm filled me. I really want to thank God for providing such an opportunity and a faithful servant to talk to me. I now feel powerful and as I return to school I want to speak of his love for us all.

I know this testimony is very short and I wouldn't be able to do it in front of a church yet but I wanted to share my experience with you. I know I'll still have times of trouble but God will always be with me and I know that now and want everyone else to know that no matter what happens God will always be there for you. Look at the way I treated him in the past but now he has forgiven. I believe overcoming my past will make me stronger, stronger in my faith in God. Love becca. God bless you!! P.U.S.H. I know God would want me to search this now. I'm ready to be his servant.

(Thank you so much Becca, May God bless you in your journey with Him- James and Melissa)


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